What can I do?




What can I do?

The first thing you can do is empower yourself to take charge of what is going on in your situation. Keep a log of the things that are happening at your haunted location. This will better help you to get to know the type of haunting that you may be dealing with. The most common type of haunting is a residual type of haunting. This type of haunting is like a tape or video that is playing itself over and over again, sometimes at the same time or the same location. It is believed that energy imprinted into the environment by some type of incident that may have happened to someone at the time of death or even something that a ghost did in their everyday life. The ghostly specter at times could be heard or seen but will not interact with the living. If you have an intelligent haunting this ghost will interact with the living and knows its surroundings and maybe even the people on the property. This type of ghost may even be a little mischievous at times. It is unknown how this type of ghost understands his/her surroundings or can interact with the living but this is part of the ongoing research in the paranormal world. This type of ghost is not a Poltergeist but at times could be mistaken as one. This type of haunting you might be able to live with. You can let it know that you are in charge and list any boundaries that are needed. You could also be dealing with a poltergeist and their mischievousness can get out of hand. A poltergeist can even hurt someone if they are not stopped. It appears that at times only one person in the household is affected. The best thing to do is to start your own investigations by taking photos, record EVPs with some type of recording device and LOG, LOG, LOG everything. This will be very helpful if you call a ghost hunting group like us. Most groups will use this information in the setting up of the equipment to better capture evidence.

Remember sagging a location will not stop all paranormal actives. Blessing will most of the time stop paranormal actives both evil or a mischievousness spirit. The blessing or Sagging of a location, if not done right could make the active increase to a over the top. If done right and the spirit is informed that you are their to help move them on, the active should stop or slow down.  If you have paranormal active or have been getting along with what you believe is paranormal active and sag or bless the location the ghost might take it as attack. If a ghost believe that it is being attacked it might come back in a hostile way.

If you keep track of the incidents that are happening then you will have graduated to the next step and that is joining a group!

But if you need help or believe that your location is haunted call us and we will do our best to help you!


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